Ustad Daud Khan

ustad-daud-khanUstad Daud Khan was born in Kabul/Afghanistan in 1955. During his youth, he studied Rubab with Ustad Muhammad Umar, who was the most famous Rubab interpreter of the classical style, as well as of the traditional folklore style, in his country. At a later stage, he also studied the Sarod with the great Sarod Maestro Ustad Amjad Ali Khan in India. Since his arrival in Europe in the seventies, Ustad Daud Khan is trying to preserve the authentic style of his two masters and to promote their musical legacy. He heads the Academy of Indian Music in Cologne (founded by Ustad Amjad Ali Khan) where he teaches the Rubab as well as the Sarod. Ustad Daud Khan was honoured twice in India with the Ustad Hafiz Ali Khan Award (in 1988 and 1995). He frequently makes concert tours all over Europe, the United States, Asia and North Africa. Ustad Daud Khan has made his own CD productions as an instrumentalist and has also published a Tribute to Afghanistan. See