Susana Marín

susana-marínA painter and musician since childhood, Spanish artist Susana completed professional training at the Fine Arts University of Madrid and at music schools in Madrid, Warsaw, London, and Bloomington, IN. Her lifelong fascination with Indian art and culture made her undertake extended trips to India where she learnt the technique and style of Pahari painting with traditional masters. She holds a PhD from the University of Wales/Prince’s School of Traditional Arts in London for her research into the living practice of Pahari painting. She also has a deep interest in sacred geometry as a symbolic language and contemplative practice and studied the principles of traditional geometry at the Prince’s School under the guidance of Keith Critchlow, Paul Marchant, and Jonathan Horning. Her current artistic practice draws from the iconic visual language of traditional North Indian painting and from aniconic abstractions inspired by the framework of pre-modern, traditional geometry. She lives and work between India, Bloomington, IN, and London, where she is a visiting tutor at the Prince’s School of Traditional Arts.