Marc Loopuyt

marc-loopuytMarc is a passionate musician who, for more than forty years, has offered a journey to the very heart of the origins of “music of the orients” as he likes to say. A virtuoso lute instrumentist (Oud in Arabic) and flamenco guitar, he explores all aspects of Arab-Andalusian music. From Morocco to Azerbaijan via Spain, Turkey, Arabia, Iraq, Jordan, Uzbekistan and Syria, Marc Loopuyt is an accomplished traveler who is constantly restoring the journey incredible that borrowed this founding music, and trace step by step the map, as well as the road of silk, or that of spices. Through meticulous work, it goes back to the sources of the different musical traditions and highlights their common origins. History, culture, tradition, language, instruments … everything interested and thirst for knowledge seems unquenchable, as is his willingness to share his immense learning. His mission is to perpetuate and bring to life this precious heritage, these legacies that have bequeathed us through time to all these talented musicians and composers. Informed collector and luthier at his hours, this man with a thousand talents is also a pedagogue, anxious to transmit. See: