Manual Energetics


méridiensTreatment by Manual Energetics is a method developed by Dr. Eric Hajjar based on his experience and his therapeutic practice. It combines the manipulations of osteopathy, fascia therapy, and massage of limbs and organs, as well as the use of acupuncture needles to release certain energy blockages of the body and the psyche. Manual Energetics is thus based on Traditional Chinese Medicine (acupuncture and Qi Gong) and osteoarticular manipulative techniques such as osteopathy and fascia therapy.

meridansAcupuncture and osteopathy have many similarities both in diagnosis and in the therapeutic approach to care itself. A good treatment is based on a deep diagnosis that focuses on a precise search of symptoms and causes that have led to the disease or to the joint or functional pathology. In addition, these 2 therapeutic methods are based on the self-healing and self-regenerative capacities of the body’s cellular tissues.

20170220_111252Dr. Eric Hajjar also uses therapeutic Qi gong as a powerful and effective tool. It allows sending Qi (energy) at a distance (without physical contact with the patient) on precise acupuncture points, in order to tone the vital energy and allow it to circulate properly in the meridians. Subsequently, therapeutic Qi gong also relaxes the tendinomuscular meridians of the physical body.

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