09-17_Maroc-8For its guests, Bab Zouina offers throughout the year a unique, authentic and friendly experience in a peaceful place at the foot of the Atlas. Bab Zouina promotes learning and exchange while encouraging moments ‘connected’ to nature and to oneself (rather than to technology). A healthy mind in a healthy body is our motto. Bab Zouina prefers quality to quantity, especially in the choice of the teachers who provide the courses. In addition, the themes and activities proposed remain linked to healthy and harmonious personal development.

IMG-20170726-WA0047For its partners (i.e. suppliers, service providers, etc.), Bab Zouina acts according to an ethic based on integrity as well as social and ecological respect. Acting locally and sustainably: this is one of our main principles. Having the privilege of being in an idyllic place, Bab Zouina strives to preserve and improve its immediate environment. This is done through the choice of local and organic products, a local culture respectful of ecosystems, a responsible and efficient management of resources and waste, energy saving and the use of renewable energy where possible.

Small is beautiful. Bab Zouina aims at an harmonious development of its business while relying on the community of surrounding villages. Bab Zouina’s employees, subcontractors and service providers come mainly from Douar Sbiti and neighbouring villages. Bab Zouina wants to create real added value in the Ourika Valley by relying on local skills and developing them.

IMG-20170427-WA0032Each year, Bab Zouina contributes to the economic and social development of Ourika. To this end, a tripartite partnership between Rustik Pathways (International NGO), the Development Association of Douar Sbiti and Bab Zouina can accommodate twenty young people from the United States, Europe and Asia for several weeks. On the one hand, these volunteers help the village build a children’s day care center and a women’s workshop, help improve the infrastructure, and set up a clinic. On the other hand, living in the village for a few days, these young people have the opportunity to better know the local culture and its values. Bab Zouina creates bridges in a spirit of sharing, solidarity and tolerance.