Truly Human Leadership Coaching

Today’s world calls for a new paradigm of leadership. At Bebold Coaching, we believe that leadership is about being of service to the world and helping humanity to realise its fuller potential. We hold the firm belief that everyone is capable of the extraordinary, and that each of us is using only a small part of innate, creative human potential in every day life.

In our experience, profound and transformational change is sparked through development of all the dimensions of our natural human capacities: mind, body, spirit, heart and bonding. The living-learning journey is truly a unique experience where we integrate those dimensions and focus on critical skills for the leaders: emotional intelligence, compassion, self-awareness, conflict resolution, and cross cultural communication.


Leadership and Presence

  • Be more able to BE present vs. DOING all time.
  • Be  aware of, but not absorb the emotions of others.
  • Make healthy connections (empathy vs. sympathy).
  • Stay open hearted and clear headed.
  • Have more powerful leadership conversations.
  • Getting out of a Hostage mind-set


Leading High Performance Teams
  • Enhance Courage: Accept mistakes and learn from them.
  • Enhance Trust: Understanding people dynamics.
  • Managing Conflicts: Confronting difficult issues / challenging conversations.
  • Giving and taking Feedback.
  • Understanding Emotions & Motivations.
  • Care to Dare: providing safety / comfort & challenge / risk