acupuncture-fibroids-treatmentAcupuncture is one of the pillars of traditional Chinese medicine that assumes that energy (Qi) flows through the body along energy channels (the meridians). Each main organ (e.g. lung, liver, kidney, stomach, small intestine, etc.) has its meridian; there are 12 meridians in total. At the same time, we distinguish two complementary aspects: Yin and Yang.

acupuncture-visageDisease, according to Traditional Chinese Medicine results from an energy imbalance, either an excess of energy or an energy deficiency (i.e. an excess of Yin and a deficiency of Yang, or a deficiency of Yin with an excess of Yang, even sometimes stasis of Qi or stasis of Yin or Yang).

acu1 moxiAcupuncture consists of a stimulation of “acupuncture points” (energetic points of the body) with needles (copper or nickel, sterilized and disposable) as well as with the contribution of heat through moxibustion (incandescent wormwood cone). The work on the acupuncture points allows a better circulation of the energy (the Qi) along the meridians and a restitution of the harmony and the energetic balance in the body.

acu piedAcupuncture perfectly complements osteopathy, especially when the patient suffers from disc illness, low back pain associated with an energetic emptying of the kidneys or torticollis triggered by an emotional charge that requires a rebalancing of the energy flow.