Indian miniature

160707_marin_12-0014-rogneOne of the last great flowerings of indigenous Indian painting traditions was the pictorial art that developed in the Punjab Hills in the 18th century. Amongst its finest examples are the Pahari styles known as Guler and Kangra. In the beautiful Kangra Valley, at the foothills of the Lower Himalayas, the Hill rajas patronised families of painters who produced masterful illustrations of Hindu mythological narratives, devotional texts, Sanskrit and vernacular poetry, romances and ballades, ragamalas, and the ever popular theme of Krishna and Radha’s amorous plays. A unique combination of Mughal technique of painting with the inspiration of Vaishnavism, these paintings are famous for their delicacy of form and colour, skillful drawing, beautiful depiction of nature, and exquisite representation of the female form.