Indian Dance

Among the eight classical dance styles of India, one of the most important and complete is Bharata Natyam that is practiced throughout the south of the subcontinent. Faithful to the rules set forth in the Natya Shastra, a treatise on drama and dance dating back to the 5th century BC, Bharata Natyam is gloriously revealed through the innumerable sculptures found in Indian temples as well as in the postures of the dancers of today.

Initially practiced as a temple ritual by the “devadasi”, the art of Bharata Natyam has almost completely disappeared from its sacred precincts and been transferred to the stage. It continues to be performed as an act of devotion because, as the ancient texts say, “no prayer, no offering is as pleasing to God.”

One who performs well this karana dance created by Maheshwara will go free from all sins to the abode of the Lord Natya Shastra